She is here!

Hello there! It has been a while since I wrote a newsletter. We have had a very exciting spring indeed. I hope you have had a wonderful season of yoga, breath, connection and fulfillment. Spring is such a rich time of new beginnings, cleansing out the old energy and inviting in the new. Allowing the new cycle to emerge and unfold. This is certainly the case for us. My husband and I welcomed the arrival of our gorgeous little girl Mia Grace, born October 24th.
Those of you following on social media will have noticed Mia is the the focus of our daily lives right now. I could not have asked for a better birth, everything went very well. For those of you who would like to read Mia’s birth story, you can find it here on Indigo Gentle Beginnings Facebook page: We are so grateful to Emma Mathews for our Hypnobirthing guidance and support during and leading up to Mia’s birth. I highly recommend this to any couple who are pregnant and want to support themselves and their baby with a positive birth journey.
On the yoga front, I am hoping to return to regular teaching early next year. However I will start with my annual Vinyasa in the Vines events at Ringer Reef winery on Jan 8th. Tickets are available here. My regular classes will hopefully recommence shortly after. Keep your eyes and ears pealed for information.

I would like send a BIG thank you Gianna who has been looking after the yogi’s in Harrietville for the past 4 months while I have been away. A new teacher to the valley will take over in the next few weeks. Emily Rose has moved from Melbourne to Wandiligong and will fill in while Gianna takes a holiday away with her family. Also starting her own yoga classes in Wandi, Emily comes with a wealth of experience and I personally am very excited to welcome her to the Alpine Valley community.

Summer is a very full time of year in the valley with events happening every other weekend. Christmas and New Year celebrations often mean our regular routines and practices fall by the way side and wait to to be picked up when the “the dust settles” in the new year. Although this is a busy time, this is a great time to celebrate the year that has been and let go of anything that has not served you to the fullest. The new year brings an opportunity to set new goals and intentions and manifest the next chapter of our lives, whatever that might be for you. A very powerful practice is to take some time to sit down quietly and review the year that was. Look at what worked and what didn’t. Celebrate the successes and learn from the challenges. Writing it down gives us the opportunity to “get it out” of our heads and our bodies, creating space for new goals, intentions and opportunities to plant their seeds. The next step is to water them and watch them grow. Be sure to bring these new intentions into your practice on your mat and let them soak into your cells as you breath and move.

A tool I find incredibly useful is a “workbook” by Leoni Dawson. Check out the information here. These workbooks prompt me in so many wonderful ways to help get my goals on paper and keep track of them. They are full of wonderfully positive prompts and practices that help enrich and nourish your journey into the new year. They make it fun and enjoyable to dream big and provide tools for you to make those big dreams come true!

So for now, I wish you a love filled Christmas and New Year! May summer be a time of joy, filled with time for relaxing, playing, enjoying, manifesting, creating, being in the moment, and inviting in an absolutely sensational 2017.

Much love, light & laughter,
Kylie. x

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