I am currently on maternity leave, awaiting the arrival of my second baby. Please feel free to contact me to discuss options for privates, otherwise I will be returning to teaching sometime in 2018. 

Thank you.  ॐ


For further information contact Kylie on 0413 479 483.

Go to for more details and class updates.



Miguel_Andreade“Were it not for Kylie, I would never have developed my love for yoga. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a calcium deficiency that affected the stamina of my muscles. I started yoga as an attempt to regain control of my fitness but I doubted my ability to hold poses for extended periods of time. However, Kylie was able to help me to condition my body and, most importantly, my mind, so that I believed I could overcome my limits. Now, not only am I able to hold poses but yoga has complemented my martial arts practice by improving my core strength, stamina and mental stillness. I highly recommend Kylie to help you begin your yoga journey!” ~ Miguel Antonio Andrade, N.E. Victoria
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